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We support organisations to integrate the value of human, social and natural capital into decision making, by providing innovative 

methodologies, data and expertise.


Water stewardship strategies are increasingly taking importance for businesses and investors. Most of those strategies involve water replenishment or regeneration strategies which involve investments in water stewardship projects. They deliver volumes of water to compensate water withdrawal in corporate value chains.

This paper, published at the World Water Week 2022, explored the value to society and businesses of investing in those projects, establish an initial impact framework and method, and identify ways to scale up positive impact of projects.



Valuing Impact's mission is to help organisations integrate the value of human, social and natural capital into decision-making, by providing innovative methods, data, and experience.

Our clients include Nestlé, Olam, Natura, Value Balancing Alliance, Wilstar, Novartis, Ikea, Nespresso, WBCSD and many more.

We work with our network of partners such as Bluerisk, South Pole, WageIndicator Foundation, World Resources Institute, Sofies, Sustain Value and Quantis among others.



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