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Valuing Impact mission

Support organizations to integrate the value of human, social and natural capital into decision making, by providing innovative methodologies, data and expertise.




About Us

Valuing Impact's mission is to help organisations integrate the value of human, social and natural capital into decision-making, by providing innovative methods, data, and experience.

Our clients include Nestlé, Olam, Natura, Value Balancing Alliance, Wilstar, Novartis, Ikea, Nespresso, WBCSD and many more.

We work with our network of partners such as Bluerisk, South Pole, WageIndicator Foundation, World Resources Institute, Sofies, Sustain Value and Quantis among others.

Valuing Impact

Our Services

Impact Awareness

Impact Awareness

We support our clients raise awareness on impact among their organizations and together with external stakeholders. We focus our effort on education, capacity building and knowledge transfer. We use pedagogic approaches using impact pathways mapping and discovery workshops to define a clear path forward to embed impact in their strategy and decisions processes.

Impact Valuation

Impact Valuation

Our core activity is the development of impact framework and methods customized to each client, based on the latest developments and innovations in this field, which we contribute a lot to create. We use quantitative and valuation methods that allow to develop strategic insights at investment portfolio, corporate, business activity, asset or product level.

Impact Thinking

Impact Thinking

Our ultimate objective is to develop governance, strategies and decisions processes based on impact thinking to change the organizations we work with at the system level. Our vast experience on impact measurement, assessment, valuation and management revealed us the best strategies to embed impact thinking in all businesses and investments strategies.


Impact Verification and assurance

Building on the long term experience of measuring, valuing and managing impact, we propose our new service of verification and assurance, based on the principles presented in the book "Impact Thinking" written by our founder and complemented by our customized framework to address the 4+1 pillars of Accountability: Impact, Materiality, Responsiveness, Inclusiveness + Performance. When an official assurance document and claim is required, we use the AA1000 standard to do it, to which we add our custom-built performance review framework.

Our Values

Our values

We are impact driven, thriving for increasing societal value, ultimately serving the society and nature, to live sustainably. 


We challenge the status quo, creating new knowledge, developing new ideas and sharing them for the entire field of impact assessment and management (IMM) and impact valuation to progress.


We deliver objective and independent insights to inform decisions and strategies. We commit to a consistent and uncompromising adherence to ethical principles and values.


We strive in building long-lasting and impactful relationship, putting people at the center of the decisions that will change our economy and society.

Ou team

Our Team

Samuel Vionnet

Founder and Director

Samuel has 15 years of experience in the field of impact valuation  consulting for businesses and investors. He created Valuing Impact in 2015 and has since then establish the company as one of the world's leading boutique consultant on impact valuation

Edgar Sacayon | Senior Consultant
Edgar Sacayon

Senior Consultant

Edgar is a biologist and environmental manager by training, and has a long experience in life cycle assessment and the last few years on multi capital accounting.

Andreza Souza | Senior Partner
Andreza Souza

Senior Partner

Andreza spent her early career at Natura Cosmetic based in Sao Paulo and was in charge of the impact valuation effort of Natura Integrated Profit & Loss. She is an expert on impact valuation.

Noelia Pacharotti | Senior Consultant
Noelia Pacharotti

Senior Consultant

Noelia has an extensive experience in public policies assessment and impact investing. She has recently joined the team of Valuing Impact to extend our services towards impact investors and family offices.

IMG_9530 copy_edited.jpg
Melissa Radesco

Key Account Manager

Melissa is a lawyer by training and experience, who focused the last few years in risk management and sustainability consulting in Brazil. She is in charge of key accounts relationships in Brazil.

Marta Santamaria

Senior Advisor

Marta has extensive experience working as Director at the Capitals Coalition. She has worked extensively in the transformation of several economic sectors, including the energy, food, built environment and finance sector. She adviced organizations such as the SBTN, TNFD, FAO, IMP and the G7 Impact Taskforce.

SAL copy_edited.jpg
Suzanne Andrea Lopez

Executive Assistant

Suzanne has a 10 years experience in management, HR and marketing. She is based in Guatemala and supports the global team of Valuing Impact to deliver projects with higher efficiency.

Headshot Grayscale.png
Pedro Tagliari


Pedro is an engineer by training, holds an MBA in Corporate Sustainability from Colorado State University, and boasts expertise in data science. He has a robust ESG analysis, strategic consulting, and project management track record.

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