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  • Samuel Vionnet

The "Impact Thinking" book

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first book of Samuel Vionnet, now available from Amazon (if you are not in the USA, connect to the local Amazon website, such as,,,, instead).

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What you will get from this book:

  • Aquire impact thinking skills

  • Learn about impact assessment, management and strategy

  • Get access to practical checklists and thinking models

  • Get insights from 20 real-world case studies

  • 15 years of experience from the world's leading organizations shared with you

In more details:

The demand for impact thinking, or the skill of making the right decision to deliver a positive impact on the world, will increase in the future. We are facing incredible societal and environmental challenges everywhere in the world. It is more than time to develop thinking skills to guide us through the complexity of societal impact, whether it covers environmental or social impact, or both. Much noise exists, green and impact-washing are at an all-time high, and it is difficult to differentiate right from wrong. Organizations will communicate more and more about their impact, and impact awareness from consumers and citizens throughout the world will only increase from now. We must learn to analyze with a critical eye this flow of information.

This book proposes checklists, thinking models, and other resources to address the three pillars of impact thinking: impact assessment, management and strategy. It builds on 15 years of experience of the author in the field, working with the biggest organizations in the world, both in the private and investment sectors.

Whether you are an individual willing to increase you knowledge and skills to make better choice in your life, a business or investment’s manager or executive who need to steer its career and business towards higher impact, or a sustainability or impact professional working for an NGO, government or other agency, this book is for you.

More than 20 real-world case studies are presented to illustrate the learnings and make it as tangible as possible. You are going to travel from the coffee pods of Nespresso, to community-based marine conservation in South Asia, to micro-credits in sub-Saharan Africa, to the sourcing of ingredients for the cosmetic industry in the Amazon region in Brazil, to the establishment of payment for ecosystem services in the region of Santa Cruz in Bolivia, to the integration of refugees and persons with Asperger in the northen Europe, to start-ups revolutionizing the agri-food business in North America, to the conflict in Ukraine, to an hydroelectric dam in Mexico, and the worldwide launch of new renewable packaging solutions for a global brand.

This book will help you acquire the skill of impact thinking. It will allow you to improve your personal life and choices, make you more relevant in your career by making and debating the right choices, as well as equip you to think critically and analyse the challenges and solutions ahead of use. Impact thinking is the next skill you are going to add to your CV.

The book provides additionally a new approach and check-list to spot impact-washing cases, presents an innovation in organizations’ financial and impact reporting, as well as personal and organizations changes steps and recommendations.

Whether you are new to the field or are an experienced professional, the content of the book is innovative, provocative, insightful and impactful.


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