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Co authors: Ravi Abeywardana (Accountant – Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Olam) and Chris Brown (Vice President - Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Olam)

It could be argued that we are misusing the term “Capital” within Natural and Social Capital....

An innovative analysis of the SDG’s targets is unlocking barriers and triggering efficient actions to reach these goals by 2030. By understanding that these targets are inter-connected and that acting on one might impact others, we are able to identify prioritized acti...

This article presents the results of a survey, of executives working for private companies and consultancies, on the trends and future challenges of the Natural

If not already done, you will have to use SDGs for defining your net positive impact. But how to measure it? I discuss four steps to support you in this difficult task: your theory of change, your negative and positive impact identification, the outcomes measurement an...

Successful conservation projects have targeted low opportunity cost areas in remote areas mostly. Conservation has entered a new phase by competing with humans needs. IWS tools might become crucial to their success.

Measures to maintain the biodiversity on the Swiss plateau would generate 136 millions CHF of benefit for the society. It is urgent that we realize that the sharp decline in biodiversity in Switzerland is impacting our economy.

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